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 ANDERSON, alyssa rachelle

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Alyssa Anderson
Alyssa Anderson

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PostSubject: ANDERSON, alyssa rachelle   Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:11 pm


  • Name: becca
  • Age: 14
  • How did you find us?: via Hayley Very Happy
  • Do you have other characters here? : none (yet)
  • password: rabbits foot

  • Character Name: angel name: armaita. earth name: alyssa rachelle anderson, but she goes by alyssa (some call her aly)
  • Age: real age: 1, 037. appearence: 20
  • Appearance: alyssa used to have long blonde hair but, after armaita assumed her body, she became frustrated with how hard it was to keep under control and cut it to a shorter length. alyssa has piercing green eyes which turn to a deep brown when her wings appear. alyssa is around 5'5" and is slim, with a slight tan.
  • Species: fallen angel
  • habits and quirks : alyssa tends to not understand a lot of what goes on here on earth. she spent her whole life in heaven, but never really paid attention to the intricacies of human life. she tends to voice her opinions and confusions too often, which results in weird looks from humans. alyssa watches too much tv, intrigued by how everything works. she also tends to show very little emotion, as angels are not accustomed to human emotions.
  • Likes: nutella (lots of nutella), music (all kinds, rock, acoustic, classical), animals (all animals, although she's wary about the cat who lives next door because he bit her), friendly humans (she adores their quirks and weird phrases and accents), pizza (because who doesn't love pizza?)
  • Dislikes: books (she keeps cutting herself by accident), the internet (she is very, very confused by the interwebs), sarcasm (she doesn't understand it, and doesn't recognize when it is being used, which usually leads to her deadpanning a conversation), violence & rude humans (speak for themselves, right?)
  • Powers: healing power
  • Personal History: armaita spent more than a thousand years in heaven before falling to earth. her remaining family consists of four brothers and a father, who all became archangels, casting armaita and her youngest brother out of heaven when they defied their father. as all angels do in their first years, armaita did a lot of work for god, without actually meeting him. but once she turned five hundred, armaita’s father insisted that she work for him. in her spare time, armaita used to watch the humans on earth with curiosity, mostly watching them make art. Whenever she came across a war-torn country, armaita would beg her father to let her descend to earth to stop it, but he never did, insisting that “the humans make their own mistakes, it is not up to us to change them”. so she quickly looked away, and turned her thoughts to something less stressful than the humans. however, in her time watching earth, she never understood simple things, like sarcasm or more complicated things like airplanes. armaita hadn’t known humans could fly until she was a thousand and sixteen. but her youngest brother (still fifty six years older than her) had explained that they cannot fly like us, and that if they ever did make it to earth, she must not fly while in sight.

    since she fell to earth, armaita assumed alyssa anderson's body as her "vessel". alyssa was in college but nobody questioned when she dropped out as she told them she was leaving town, which she did--and moved here. after arriving here, armaita tried her best to fit in. she did not know much of the humans, but she did know of their violence and had been warned to keep her race a secret. she has been living here in adrenolus for only three weeks and, so far, she’s managed to slip under the radar. other than a few deadpans in conversations and a few weird looks sent her way, people just naturally assumed she was a bimbo, or wasn’t from around there. armaita always makes sure that she’s out of sight (usually at her home) when her wings appear, but they never take her home—they can’t. alyssa also had a puppy, who armaita adores simply because of his enthusiasm. armaita took a simple job of waitressing so that she had enough money to keep her house and take care of her puppy. she had, at first, wished to become a doctor or a nurse but quickly realised that her healing powers were way beyond what the humans had discovered thus far. She longed to enlighten them, to travel the world healing everybody she could, but she had been advised not to draw attention to herself and she’s adamant that it will stay that way.

  • Character application sample: (from a different site, is that okay? o.o)
    Blaine knew what was coming; he'd endured it every day for nearly two years. He knew he couldn't outrun them and he knew he couldn't fight them off. Yet, he still backed up. Until his back hit the wall. That was when his pulse really quickened. When it was set in the stone wall behind him that he would not be able to avoid this. Blaine didn't dare meet the gaze of the jock leading the other five. He didn't look at any of them. He was ashamed to say that his eyes were clamped shut and his head hung as he tried to make himself as small as possible. Nobody spoke, not even the jocks to each other. Not even to taunt Blaine.

    Then came the first blow. The jocks knew from past experience that it was much more fun when Blaine was conscious, when they could hear his helpless whimpers and cries of pain. So the first aim was at his stomach. At first, Blaine held strong, biting down on his lip so he didn't cry out from the pain of his fist hitting the old bruises. As they continued to take turns in hitting him, the pressure on Blaine's lip caused it to start bleeding so he stopped.

    After four or five blows to his torso and one to the side of his head to knock him down, Blaine began to cry out each time he was hit. He tried to curl into a ball to keep the pain to a minimum but they kicked at his back and his legs until he was almost certain he'd have permanent damage. With each blow, Blaine's cries got louder and he couldn't stop the tears that escaped his eyes. When the boy's sounds slowly decreased to small whimpers, the jocks quickly got bored.

    Blaine had never been a particularly religious man but now, he prayed. Prayed that they would just leave him alone now, broken and bleeding, rather than to think up some other form of torture to increase his volume once more and eventually leave him...possibly dead? Blaine's prayers weren't answered as the collar of his shirt was grabbed roughly and he was dragged to his feet. Blaine could barely open his eyes to see what was happening. All he knew was that he was being half-dragged somewhere, unable to walk properly due to repeated kicking to his legs.

    When Blaine finally became more aware, all he could see was black, with three slits of light in front of him. Beaten and bruised, Blaine began to calm down, at least he had been left alone now, right? He shifted so his arms were wrapped around his knees, awakening the stabbing pain in his spine. For a while, Blaine just relaxed. After all, he would be let out soon. When they realised he wouldn't make anymore noise. A half hour later, Blaine began to wonder where exactly it is he was. He felt the cool metal against his back where his shirt had been torn. He quickly put that together with the slits in front of his eyes and the fact he could barely breathe in the tiny space and deducted that he was trapped in a locker. He also put that together with the fact it was Friday and nobody would be passing the lockers until Monday.

    Blaine's breathing quickened and he could hear his pulse thudding in his ears. A sweat quickly fewer on his brow and even then, Blaine knew he was experiencing a panic attack. It had happened last time the jocks had gone all out and h his head underwater during a pool party. But still, they'd never gone this far before. Even though he knew it was useless, he couldn't stop himself from a full scale panic attack. He began punching the sides of the locker and yelling for help. After an hour or so, Blaine calmed down and just curled up once more.
  • Species password: wings

Credits for this application sample goes to Hayley. Do not steal and make it your own because she controls these people and they'll eat you!


fallen angel - 1,037/20
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Hayley Carter
Hayley Carter

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PostSubject: Re: ANDERSON, alyssa rachelle   Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:08 am

Awesome app, congrats and welcome !

We hope you'll enjoy it here, You could contact Scarlet the arch angel for threads at the moment ^^

aka me xD



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ANDERSON, alyssa rachelle
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