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 Aphrodite Goddess of love

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PostSubject: Aphrodite Goddess of love   Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:25 am


  • Name: Hayley
  • Age: 18
  • How did you find us?: i made it
  • Do you have other characters here? :

    - hayley Carter

    - Apollo

    - Artemis Darnichov

    - Scarlet Dezhar
  • password:rabbits foot

  • Character Name: Aphrodite
  • Age: too old to be imagined , looks 20
  • Appearance: sexy, blonde, wears lots of lingerie
  • Species: goddess
  • habits and quirks :

    - she has a cute giggle when she's nervous

    - she makes spell mistakes

    - she is pretty dumb....

    - she is easily offended by other beautiful women

    - she loves the mirror
  • Likes: herself, jewelry, dancing, outfits, parties
  • Dislikes: fish, ugly men, ugly women, uglyness, commitment
  • Personal History: As many myths talk about how Aphrodite came to earth, the reality is that she was born as the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Dione though lost her beauty when Aphrodite was born. It was predicted that Zeus’s first daughter of Dione would be blessed with his wife’s beauty and powers. That way Dione the original goddess of love, beauty , pleasure and procreation. Aphrodite as a child was laughed at. She was clumsy, not the smartest amongst them and certainly not the best goddess they could imagine to grow.

    Though as she became older, her childhood grew out to be a tough life. At the age of four she was taught more languages then any other person alive could understand. Of course, Aphrodite, didn’t remember any of them except pure English and Greek, and in her opinion, English was the easiest one to remember. Aphrodite was in line to be the wife of her own father since her Mother Dione died.

    Many god’s and goddess’s had a protest about it. Ares said it was even more insane then adopting a human and Even the god of the underworld didn’t agree to it. After the commotion they had Aphrodite on the age of ten decide whether to marry or not to marry her father. For her the choice was easily made, no way she was going to marry the old man that brought her life on this earth. Slowly her childhood became just a dream of what she actually wanted. She was told be a grown woman when in reality she was only a child.

    Aphrodite didn’t need that, she needed slumber parties, she needed girlie friends to do her nails and hair with, she needed a unicorn to love. She needed love. But the love she never got, was nothing compared to the love and laughter she brought herself. As the girl became to grow as a woman, a grown woman that stopped growing and aging. When she sat her clock stop forever , that’s when she realized people needed her.

    When her clock stopped she lost her chances for good, she had to listen to the many prayers, deal with a lot of sacrifices and love the humanity that loved her. She was loved, and she enjoyed it, better then that, she used it. Soon she got married to the less important and less known god Hephaestus and they got a baby called cupid. After Aphrodite brutally got rid of Hephaestus by sending Ares after him, Cupid felt unwanted.

    Of course Aphrodite loved her Cupid, she explained him tons of times, asked him if he could bring more love with her to the world. Cupid grew older, a man in diapers, that was just a little embarrassing but he also got married, got a son and Aphrodite just didn’t feel like being a grandmother. Of course the rumor went all over the mount Olympus, they all knew the threat in Aphrodites life. Cupid’s wife.

    The woman was called prettier then Aphrodite, she was tons better then Aphrodite but Aphrodite didn’t let that happen no, she made sure it would never happen again. She gave the girl her job for one day and in that day, the girl went insane, she hated men around her so much, she hated that people loved her, to see cupid shooting arrows at people who hated each other so much. Her hate became her curse and so she became cursed , as the daughter of the underworld.

    Aphordite and Calliopis became sworn enemies, they fought every single moment they met each other. It turned out so bad that Aphrodite had to bring the love on earth on her own again because cupid committed suicide and his son never survived the fall from the mountain either. Cupid didn’t know the little baby boy was immortal.

    Aphrodite felt like tearing apart, her baby boy dead because of the tramp he had to marry. For years Aphrodite brought love on her own, it wasn’t much of a big deal, but the fun was gone without her cupid. Still she did what she was meant for, she did her job, she did the right thing. Soon enough Ares got banned from the mountain without her knowing why. She didn’t even know it happened. She just knew he was never where he should be when she visited him.

    She though eh was avoiding her, that he hated her for her deeds, even when he loved her for it at that moment, she thought about the opposite. Not many days later she met the Roman prince called Sapphormeus, she didn’t know he was a parasite. That he possessed a gift of stealing god powers from a god to turn into a god. Aphrodite thought he loved her she thought he was her Cupid, she never saw the dangers.

    She never saw it coming to become mortal. She never thought a man like him took her place to create a cult of blood and betrayal. When Aphrodite became mortal, her love was gone, nothing in the world brought more love then her. No one loved each other anymore, couples broke apart friendships died and love just disappeared. It made room for war and chaos.

    Aphrodite suffered, she couldn’t do anything, nothing. She had one option, but for her it seemed too much to ask for. None or less she went to Norway, to find the god of those people. They posses golden apples, apples made by the god of purity and satisfaction. He passed away after a fight with Zeus. The so called warrior ladies wanted a good reason for giving her the apples. But not only Aphrodite was on the search, Ares who became mortal as well wanted those apples.

    When Ares used his charms with the women he scored an apple for Aphrodite, that way the world was balanced in both good and evil and Aphrodite ever since did the best she could. She never did less then she was expected to, she did make love potions for the ones in need, she made the world a better place, all over the world people are still believing in her, which is keeping her more in life then anything else.

  • Character application sample: Hayley was nervous, hell everyone would be on a day like this. She was nervous enough to be held by one vampire arm and dressed by the other. She knew people could multitask but this was ridiculous. The girl did it all herself, and the other one was pulling her hair like she was a doll. I appreciate this a lot, but does it need to be like this? Hayley asked a bit unsure of what to do with it.

    The pixie vampire gave her a firm nod and was all happy when Hayley was all dressed up and done. Hayley was brought to a small path leading to the park where Ethan was waiting for her. She felt a strong arm around hers and saw his father with a smile. Thank you Mr. Grey. she said and smiled too. Hayley heard the music and her heart raced like a bunch of horses on a course.

    She would bet she was blushing like hell when she slowly walked her way to the altar. She’d also know that if they didn’t hurry with her walking that way she would trip and break something. She wasn’t the fastest but she would now be beaten by a snail. Hayley bit her bottom lip as she watched Ethan all happy and handsome.

    The red head smiled brightly and just wanted to run up there and be in his arms again. After all they’ve been through, they deserved a better chance. Ethan’s father released her and she gladly took Ethans hand. You look gorgeous. she blushed softly. so do you. she whispered as well, she didn’t know what else to say.

    The priest was reading up their vows and Ethan was first to speak. Hayley was shaking, maybe only from the inside but she just had to hold onto Ethan, she would fall down else. Her green eyes were filled with tears but she wasn’t going to let them down, she wasn’t going to cry that one day her make-up looked good.
  • Species password: gold

Credits for this application sample goes to Hayley. Do not steal and make it your own because she controls these people and they'll eat you!
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Alyssa Anderson
Alyssa Anderson

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PostSubject: Re: Aphrodite Goddess of love   Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:32 am

Fantastic app! Congrats and welcome!

We hope you'll enjoy it here!



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Aphrodite Goddess of love
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