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 Lucifer Bell

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Lucifer Bell
Lucifer Bell

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PostSubject: Lucifer Bell   Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:23 pm


  • Name: ( niamh)
  • Age: ( 15 )
  • How did you find us?: ( Sekret informers ;D )
  • Do you have other characters here? : (Nooope )
  • password: ( rabbits foot )

  • Character Name: ( Lucifer )
  • Age: ( 100 years old, appears 20ish)
  • Appearance: ( Lucifer, or Louis/Lu as he prefers to be called, has soft, brown hair, that sweeps over to one side. It doesn't stick into his eyes but you will often find him fiddling with pieces of his hair and you will always find him moving it to the side even though it never really moves. Louis has bright, clear blue eyes that combine with his dazzling white smile to give him the perfect angelic look. Lu is down on earth a lot and he loves experimenting with clothes, as he does with everything on earth. His sense of style is very fashionable , and he wears silly things from time to time. He's quite tanned and toned. )
  • Species: ( angel )
  • habits and quirks : (Louis is absolutely fascinated by earth, by the people on it and all there devices and ways of living. You'll find him with a look of wonder in his eye like that of a child in a large toy shop, and Lucifer could be merely studying a washing machine. That's brings us to Louis next quirk, he's just a big child. Always has been, always will be. Of course, he sobers up from time to time, this is usually when his father's scolding him for being silly. One of his habits is annoying to some and funny to others, and that's that he can't sit still. He'll always be fiddling with his hair, dancing around, pulling a face and so on. This again his family looks down on. )
  • Likes: ( He loves getting to be young again as everyone in his family has been pressuring him to grow up since he could talk. He really enjoys watching children's movies - stories of magic and swords and jokes and friendship. He just gets to mess about on earth, which suits him down to the ground. If he could do his life over he'd most definitely want to spend his childhood on earth. Lucifer likes to learn about anything and everything really, he especially likes clothes, movies, cars and interesting things like history and technology. He's just full of questions. He likes meeting new people but he gets bored quickly, so his friends have to be able to keep up with him as well as put up with him. He does enjoy having company though, especially the intriguing humans. )
  • Dislikes: ( Boredom though Lu can almsot always find a way to keep entertained. He's strongly against violence, and although his parent's had been pushing him towards the life of an arch angel for as long as he could remember, Lucifer just wouldn't do it. He's always hated being told what to do, having been told just that his whole life. He's always feared the demons, as he should. )
  • Powers: Healing Powers.
  • Personal History: Little Lucifer was born to Heather and Keith Bell on the very sunny 3rd of March in 1911. Heather committed suicide, one of the few rights women had on earth during the time she was living as her arranged marriage sent her into a crippling depression. Lucifer's father died from a disease that spread like wildfire, he lived a short but happy life. Not that they can remember any of this. He was the fourth baby boy in the Bell family, with around two years between each boy. Growing up in the Angel Castle was like living in a Library, everything was calm and quiet - not a perfect place for a bubbly young child like Lucifer. Consequently, he let his mind wander to a place where he could be loud and messy and not care, not be shouted at.
    His older brothers were always around to keep him company, but most of the time Louis would rather be by himself. They teased him a lot, the youngest brother was always the punching bag. His brother Gareth, the second youngest, had informed Lou that before he'd grown up he'd endured worse bullying than Lou had and that it just made him stronger, that soon he was able to defend himself. Eventually the same thing happened to Louis, but unlike his siblings he's very opposed to violence, so he'd try to stay away from the fights which was usually never do-able. So, you can imagine Lucifer's horror when his father enlightens his sons on his plans for their future of being arch angels, like he himself was. Keith was a very stubborn man, so he disapproved of Lucifer's childishness, he couldn't understand why he wouldn't just grow up and be ready to fight, like his other brothers. Heather was a little more understanding but not even she could talk sense into her husband. One thing Louis had always loved was his healing powers, it was a security blanket that meant things were always alright.
    It got to the point that, although Lou loved his family despite how awful they treated him, he just couldn't be around them so much anymore. Lucifer had made lots of friends in the castle, such as Armatia who he went to visit a lot but the real solution to the problem was visiting earth. He was miles and miles away, and Lou could just be himself minus the wings. Add to that that everything on earth amused and intrigued him and it was the real heaven. Of course Earth was far from perfect, it had as much if not more so conflict than Heaven but Louis didn't act like an adult when he was there. He chilled out, and wore what he wanted, watched what he wanted, spoke to who he wanted without any of his family shouting in his ear. Lucifer's Paradise, where he was forever young.

  • "Jade, come here hon'." Her father whispered to her. Jade was unsure at first but she took a few shakey steps over and sat down beside him, shivering still. He took her hand and placed around Becca's wrist, Jade felt her pulse and stared at her sisters face. Feeling her pulse, was extremely comforting. She looked like she did when she was sleeping, peaceful. But once Jade saw the cuts and bruises on her face, she was full of fear and her stomach flipped. She'd went through this once before, she wasn't sure If she could handle another. Her mind went back in time, to the day she found out Becca had been suspended.
    “What would I do without you?” Becca smiled light heartedly. "I don't know and I wouldn't like to find out." Jade answered holding her arms out for a hug.
    “Aww! Me either.” Becca smiled giving Jade a hug. “I love you, sis.” She smiled."I love you too." Jade said sincerely. After they let go Becca sat beside Jade on the bed and said to her “I know it’s been hard for you—for both of us—since mom and Louis died but we got through it. We can get through anything.” Jade nodded with a sniffle "Yeah. It just helps because your my twin and we're going through the exact same things, and I can share the good times and the bag with you, ya know?" Jade explained.
    That memory sent Jade into a complete panic and the tears she was trying to back started to run. What would she do without Becca? She depended on her for alomst everything, Jade didn't think Becca knew just how much she meant to her. Jade always appeared strong but deep down she was always hurting. They could get through anything, but Jade knew that without Becca she wouldn't be able to function. While her Dad went to pray, she scooted into the seat closer to Becca and taking her hand, she pleaded, "Please don't leave me." Jade broke down after that, crying her heart out, unable to speak.

  • Species password: ( white )

Credits for this application sample goes to Hayley. Do not steal and make it your own because she controls these people and they'll eat you!
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Alyssa Anderson
Alyssa Anderson

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PostSubject: Re: Lucifer Bell   Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:24 pm

Awesome app, Niamhy!! Very Happy

Go fill out your claims, and you're good to go! We hope you'll have fun here!



fallen angel - 1,037/20
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Lucifer Bell
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