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 MALUM, Caedes

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Caedes Malum
Underground Demon
Underground Demon
Caedes Malum

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PostSubject: MALUM, Caedes   Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:32 pm


  • Name: becca
  • Age: 14
  • How did you find us?: I'm a unicorn, therefore, I know these things.
  • Do you have other characters here? : Alyssa Anderson
  • password: rabbits foot

  • Character Name: Caedes Malum (Kay-dees) Sometimes, Cae.
  • Age: Demon Age: 5 Body's age: 24
  • Appearance: As a demon, Caedes' appearence is thick black smoke that can move wherever he wants to, but to do damage, he needs to maintain a body. (Human, usually)
    Human's body is quite short, around 5'9", he's slim but is well built. He has thick, curly dark hair which is usually kept short, but since Caedes took over the body, hasn't been maintained. His eyes are a pretty pale brown color but, in some lights, green can be found in them.
  • Species: Demon (Created demon)
  • habits and quirks :
    - Caedes tends to laugh at inappropriate times, like when he kills someone or someone hurts themselves.
    - Another habit he has is that he likes to answer questions with questions.
    - He enjoys to make his victims suffer before killing them and sometimes makes them believe that they have a chance of living--like letting them get a running headstart, then using his inhuman speed to catch and kill them.
    - Cae tends to run into hunters a lot and abandons his body instantly to avoid being killed.
    - Cae tests his fire power often and in random places, he also uses it as a way to mass-murder, however it isn't as satisfying. (last time, he set fire to a busy gas station and watched it blow up.
  • Likes:
    - playing with his victims' minds, letting them see his black eyes before returning them to normal and acting like nothing happened.
    - killing (obviously)
    - surprisingly, music. His body used to be a music student and knows how to play various instruments, which rubbed off on Cae.
    - competitions with his sister, who killed the most people in a set amount of time
    - cigarettes
  • Dislikes:
    - humans
    - hunters
    - angels ("do gooders", as he calls them)
    - most animals
    - horror movies (because they're never as good as the real thing)
  • Powers: fire power, inhuman speed and strength
  • Personal History: When Cae was first created, he was purely a demon of death and destruction... So, he's really no different, five years later. He only ever had his sister to help him.
    She always helped him be better, helped him control his fire power. She never pushed him like their father pushed her. Their parents both got caught by hunters a few weeks after Cae was born and were killed. Over the years, Cae's blood-lust became even more potent and he killed more and more people. He's been smart enough not to get caught for the last three months and intends to keep this body for as long as possible, it's comfortable, and it feels like him. The last time a hunter caught Cae, he abandoned his body but the hunter was stronger than most and sent him back to hell—he couldn’t return to Earth, or even his sister, for a month.

  • Character application sample: other app? o.o
  • Species password: tunnel

Credits for this application sample goes to Hayley. Do not steal and make it your own because she controls these people and they'll eat you!
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Hayley Carter
Hayley Carter

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PostSubject: Re: MALUM, Caedes   Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:10 pm

awesome app becca love,

remember telling me in the future about him being saved or not Wink

accepted, go fill your claism and have funn ^^


Elf , 18 , single, weapon smith

Male White Mink , Ares
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MALUM, Caedes
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