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 Species Guides

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Hayley Carter
Hayley Carter

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PostSubject: Species Guides   Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:03 pm


By gods we mean, zeus, hera, but also the egyptian ones. If you have a god similar to the greek ones, let the owner of the greek ones know you're making him. [olympus]Make sure he has different powers than the greek one but similar to the element.


Demons exists in a few different kinds. You got the sky demons. These demons live up in the sky, they try to take the death[fire] to their side and make them eat the fruit of desire. That fruit will make the death spirits one of the demons. They have a standard ability of fire use.

You also got the underground demons. Guarded by the prince of hell. These ground demons are there for punishment if the gods won't do them first. [fruit]They also tend to ruin lives. These demons exist for thousands of years, they won't let a real tear down for you. These are not able to have powers.

third but not the worst. Created Demons. these demons are new to their lives. Reckless and easy to being turned back human. they're made for one purpose, demolition and destruction. after four years they'll get responsibility and [tunnel]are being hard to be convinced in doing good things. Before that, they can turn human with an extra gift. ( let the admins know when that happens. ) Undergroudn Demons have a limited use of fire.


You got angels, they are in the sky listening to the humans. They show up when you're sad and need their help, or when they helped you before and [white]check up on you to see if you're happy. these angels have the ability to heal a human, advanced healing only has been seen with old angels which can also heal bullet wounds for example. they might safe your actual life.

Fallen angels are angels that cannot go back home. their wings are black and their hearts are beating. It makes them mortal, most fallen [wings]angels seek for forgiveness or true love. These angels do have the ability to get a destructive power next to their standard healing ability.

Arch Angels. they are fighters, they try to take the [sword]death to heaven and fight the sky demons. These angels do not posses powers.


These vampires are like the most stories tell you they are. they burn in human form int he sunlight. Some have protection, stolen from the hard working elves. these type of jewelry are hardly different from other non protective ones. It allows them to go into the sun but that way they're easy to kill. vampires can be killed by [blood]stakes from very rare cherry wood. These trees only grown in the elf kingdom, and sunlight filled bullets, designed by the arch angels.


Were creatures are very sensitive people. They get angry very easily and they are very cautious and scared. Vampires are their worst [moon]enemies and human flesh is their food. These people eat raw meat to feed the animal resting inside of them.


A proud race. these people see their kind as rulers of the world. Without elves there wouldn't be protection for vampires or people dying from a small flesh wound. Elves usually work in hospitals as cover. They have a 24 hour potion [talisman]that covers their ears from human eyes. Though, these potions are hard to create and some elves don't bother taking them. Elves also have one wise elf. This man/woman is the one making the potions. They also have black smiths and other things to protect themselves.


they look like normal humans, you won't see the difference. what they do have is one specific power that changes them from human into a witch or wizard. It usually comes by birth and will be found in many generations. [apple]The chance of skipping a generation is big and its very unpredictable. Witches/Wizards mostly have the ability of controlling elements or the older ones even combinations. Witches and wizards also have the ability of using standard spells. They will work if their magic is strong enough.


Hybrids are mixed species. Vampire/Humans, elf/witch, and so on. Hybrids do age, only 10 % of their life. At the age of 16/25 they'll stop aging completely. [change]they are as easy to kill as humans, unless they wear elf made protection.

Dead Souls:

These souls are people going to the sky to make their way to Elesian fields. Though some choose a life in tartarus, scared to do it over. These souls are the reason the sky demons and the arch angels are fighting. [zombie]Some souls can choose to stay a soul and reincarnate as soon as possible, they also are able to decide if they will be an arch angel or a normal angel.


Dragons are proud creatures, they live with the volcano and the caves around them. Dragons only can make a human form when they fall in love with a creature in human form. Until then, they're stuck in their body as dragon. Dragons have the power of fire and electricity. Being able to control both only are able with the old dragons. Dragons in human form can't talk unless they touch someone.


Unicorns are the horses with a horn. Only these unicorns can be turned into human form when they come in touch with a loving being. That being must love them as the heart inside, else the unicorn will turn black and rogue. Unicorns in human form have a singing voice and the rogue ones have deep luring voices.
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Species Guides
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