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 Raven Stargazer-Wizard(WIP)

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Raven Stargazer
Raven Stargazer

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PostSubject: Raven Stargazer-Wizard(WIP)   Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:05 pm


  • Name: Twist
  • Age: 21
  • How did you find us?: Through Hayleh ;o
  • Do you have other characters here? : This is my first one ;P
  • password: rabbits foot

  • Character Name: Raven Stargazer
  • Age: 21
  • Appearance: Black hair with red highlights, intense blue eyes, average build
  • Species: Wizard
  • habits and quirks : Flirty, uses power when bored or for fun, gets attached to girls easily
  • Likes: Women, animals, doing tricks with his power, joyriding on his jet black ninja motorcycle, and being the hero.
  • Dislikes: Most men, rude people, greed, sitting on the sidelines, and losing.
  • Powers: Telekinesis
  • Personal History: By no means the popular kid, Raven made due with what he had. His power to move things with his mind: Telekinesis. He had known about his ability since the age of 5 when he wanted his milk bottle. The boy had held out his hand and it had come to him. This startled Raven, but soon after, he squealed with glee and drank the milk happily. His parents weren't in the room to witness what had just transpired.

    In middle school, bullies were on the rampage and he was their prime target. After the third day, he had had enough and used his power against them...secretly of course. As the bully walked away after delivering his verbal abuse to the boy, Raven curled his hand into a fist, raised it, and swiped it to the side, all the while eyeing his enemy. The bully's head smacked into the locker on the right and he fell to his knees in pain. He smiled. Vengeance was his.

    In high school, mainly everyone steered clear of him, which made Raven both happy and sad. Being Telekinetic was fun and all, but that couldn't replace good ol' fashioned company of another human being...preferrably a girl. After graduation, he set up a stand inside a bar where he showed everyone his 'magic tricks'. At the age of 21, Stargazer still does it till this day. His future awaits.

  • Character application sample: From his stand in the bar, Raven glanced at the eager crowd with a crooked smile. They knew he was the real deal. Reeling them in had been easy. All he had to do was twirl around cards in the air without touching them. There were no strings attached and it wasn't a hoax. Their attention was his and he was about to spice things up with an even bigger trick. He spread out his arms, gesturing to everybody. "Ladies and gentlemen, for my next trick, I'll need a volunteer." His blue eyes ran over the crowd. "Any takers?"

    An attractive young lady stepped forward, smiling at him. Raven smiled back and took the girl's hand as he walked around the stand. He returned his gaze to the crowd. "What you're about to see will blow your minds and possibly your wallets if you're feeling generous." He looked at the girl. "You ready?" She nodded. He smirked and held his hand under hers. Gradually, he lifted his arm up. As he did this, the girl herself was lifted off the ground and into the air, dangling a few feet from the floor. The girl gasped, clearly awestruck. Raven smiled up at her. "I won't say no to a date."
  • Species password: apple

Credits for this application sample goes to Hayley. Do not steal and make it your own because she controls these people and they'll eat you!
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Hayley Carter
Hayley Carter

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PostSubject: Re: Raven Stargazer-Wizard(WIP)   Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:23 pm

welcome Raven!

your app looks good,

make your claims and check out the special things and have fun ^^


Elf , 18 , single, weapon smith

Male White Mink , Ares
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Raven Stargazer-Wizard(WIP)
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