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 Gabriella McCarthy

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Gabriella McCarthy
Gabriella McCarthy

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PostSubject: Gabriella McCarthy   Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:00 pm

Gabriella "Gabby" Rose McCarthy

  • Name: Chantal
  • Age: 22
  • How did you find us?: Hayley!
  • Do you have other characters here? : first one!
  • password: rabbits foot

  • Character Name: Gabriella Rose McCarthy
  • Age: 25 in appearance, 125 in reality.
  • Appearance: Gabriella has shoulder-length blonde wavy hair with sky blue eyes. When on earth she usually wears light coloured dresses or jeans and a t-shirt. She's petite looking but with curves in all the right places.She's short, standing at only 5''1. She usually keeps her wavy lochs down with a headband or up in a loose bun. She's not much of a make-up girl. She puts on some lip gloss or some eyeliner once in a while but other than that she likes to keep her beauty natural. Her wings are a pure white and smaller than usual to fit her size.

  • Species: Angel
  • habits and quirks : She bites her lip a lot, when she's nervous she plays with the tips of her hair, she blushes constantly even with the smallest of compliments. Being a former nanny/nurse she feels terribly guilty when someone waits on her or shows her any care. She constantly says sorry for things she doesn't need to be sorry about.
  • Likes: helping humans (obviously, she's an angel), animals of all sorts, cooking, reading and writing, knitting (she's an old lady, after all) singing, dancing.
  • Dislikes: bullies, cruelty to animals, people who think they are better than others, politicians (and politics), war, technology of today (cellphones, television, computers, etc.), people being generally lazy.
  • Powers: healing powers
  • Personal History: Gabriella was born on June 23rd 1887 to Rose and Benjamin McCarthy. She was brought up on the family farm learning how to milk cows and clean out pig pens. She was born and brought up in Ireland which is why she has a thick Irish accent. When she turned 15 she met a 20 year old blacksmith and within only one month of knowing him they got married. The man had a cruel streak whenever he drank, which was almost every night and beat her everyday. Finally one day she decided enough was enough and left him, heading for England to start a new life. It was tough for her to leave her parents but she couldn't stand seeing her husband for one more second. Gabriella was overwhelmed at first but quickly found a job as a nanny for a rather rich family. She had worked for the family for 9 years, practically raising the family's little girl who was now 8 years old. Throughout those 9 years she hadn't met another man to fall in love with. Rumours of a grand ship being built in Belfast sent gossip flying throughout Europe. The family Gabriella was working for could not afford tickets for all of them (despite their modest riches), instead they asked if Gabby could accompany Emily (the little girl) on Titanic as it was now called; to New York where she would study to be a pianist under the guidance of her great uncle Albert. Of course Gabby said yes, who would pass up an opportunity to stay on the grandest ship on earth, as well live in America? The day had arrived! Emily clung tightly to Gabriella as the two hopped aboard Titanic; the unsinkable ship. Emily waved goodbye to her parents and off they went. only four Days after the departure Titanic struck an iceberg, sending Gabriella flying off of her bunk onto the floor. They managed to get to the deck, hundreds of people crowding the deck and crew trying to lower the lifeboats. She helped hundreds onto the boats until only a few boats were left but she noticed through the chaos that there were still hundreds of people on the ship. She set Emily in a lifeboat, kissing her hair softly. Gabby had to give her a chance to live it; was the least thing she could do. Gabby was one of the thousand+ people to die on that ship. Saving the one she loved so much, as if Emily was her own. She doesn't remember much after that, only she woke up in a bright white field of clouds and she could tell that it was heaven. Such a sight as beautiful could not be seen.

  • Character application sample: Gabriella's white dress flowed behind her as she walked down the hall of the hospital, the humans oblivious to her presence. She hated hospitals. Full of death and sickness. But this was a special visit, for a special someone. She entered the hospital room and gazed upon the one she thought she lost years ago. It had been 7 years since she had laid eyes upon this beautiful child. Gabriella sat down on the side of the cot. Brushing some loose strands of dirty blonde hair out of her closed eyes. "Emily." She breathed out softly. The little girl she once knew was now grown up, her once chubby cheeks now accented her lips and jawbone. She was a young lady now, with a full life ahead of her. That wasn't the case now. She was sick with the Spanish Flu, and it was going to take her soon so Gabriella had little time for reminiscing. She took the girl's hand in hers and squeezed it lightly. "Emily..." The girl's eyes slowly fluttered open. Alarm set in as she sat up quickly. "It's alright, shhhhhh" She comforted the girl while she slowly sank back into her pillow. "Gabby?!" Her eyes were wild with fright. She had indeed seen the newspaper addressing the ones who were lost that day. "Shhh. It's alright, I'm here now." The girl shook her head wildly. "Are you a ghost?" A chuckle escaped Gabby's lips. "No my child..." She paused. "I'm an Angel. I'm going to help you." She softly laid one hand on her chest and the other on her forehead. "Be still." Closing her eyes she sucked the illness away from that girl, letting it dissolve away. When Gabriella opened her eyes she was awed at how different Emily looked. Her skin was clear and almost glowing, her hair now a brilliant golden blonde, and her eyes were no longer cloudy with illness. Sweeping her fingers in the girl's hair she smiled. "I've missed you, dear one." The girl frowned "I thought I lost you." Standing up the Angel blew her a kiss. "I shall always be with you." And with that, she was gone.
  • Species password: White

Credits for this application sample goes to Hayley. Do not steal and make it your own because she controls these people and they'll eat you!
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Alyssa Anderson
Alyssa Anderson

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PostSubject: Re: Gabriella McCarthy   Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:13 pm

Awesome app, Chantal! (:

Go fill out your claims, and you're good to go! We hope you'll enjoy it here.



fallen angel - 1,037/20
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Gabriella McCarthy
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