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 MALUM, Caria Adrienna

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Caria Malum
Caria Malum

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PostSubject: MALUM, Caria Adrienna   Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:16 am


  • Name: zoe
  • Age: 17
  • How did you find us?: via my amazing parsnips hayley+becca
  • Do you have other characters here? : none yet
  • password: rabbits foot
  • Play By: naya rivera

  • Character Name: caria adrienna malum, or aria for short.
  • Age: demon: 8 body: 23
  • Appearance:
    the dark brunette haired girl is the very definition of alluring. she keeps herself looking amazing 24/7 with her body having deep hazel eyes that match her hair perfectly, and being slightly tan too. you'd never think caria and caedes were sister and brother from their bodies, considering they look nothing alike. though, she just lies if anybody questions it say - saying she grew up in south america - explaining her dark her and tan skin - while they moved just before caedes was born, so he has a paler complexion. of course, noone ever questions them anymore after that explanation - even if they are suspicious.she chooses her bodies very carefully, always going for one's which look immaculate because she learnt from experience the more attractive and alluring you make yourself - the easier it is to kill. so, she uses everything she can to her advantage and her looks are probably her most powerful weapon.

    she tends to wear dresses most of the time, dresses and cardigans or shorts and vests though her clothes are nearly always black considering how she can hardly stand bright colors. her hair is nearly always seen down and curled flawlessly with her fringe just crossing her eye. she never lets anyone see her when she doesn't look her best, apart from her brother of course. though, generally she makes herself as attractive as she possibly can every single day. it turns out it's an advantage in nearly everything, not just the killing.
  • Species: demon
  • habits and quirks :
    - she tends to flirt with nearly every guy she meets, as a way of luring them in.
    - fucks with the minds of her victims, torturing them as much as she can.
    - sometimes when she laughs her face tends to 'scrunch' up, making her look adorable like a small child.
    - she tends to be quite childish most of the time, though she is smart too.
    - she hasn't got the hang of her power completely yet, though she tries to help her brother with his. looking after him gave her less time to perfect her own, so her power is still very uncontrollable.
  • Likes:
    - killing, for obvious reasons
    - torturing people before death, it gives her a kind of thrill which she loves.
    - strangely enough, she enjoys singing too. although, she doesn't tend to do it in public - just in the privacy of her own home.
    - the night, she tends to like the dark quite a lot - it comforts her.
    - rain, rain is probably her favorite weather condition.
  • Dislikes:
    - hunters, obviously.
    - humans, they're too stupid and naive.
    - people who make assumptions about her, because they're always wrong.
    - angels, quite a lot. they're too good.
    - bright colors, they irritate her quite a lot.
    - talkative people, she hates them - they annoy the hell out of her.
  • Powers: fire manipulation
  • Personal History:
    Caria never had it easy; in fact she had it the hardest out of everyone she knew while growing up. As she was growing up, her parents – her father especially – pushed her really, really hard to be the perfect demon. It was a hard life to begin with, then Caedes turned up and things got a little easier. Though, when her parents were killed by hunters it automatically became a lot more work. She wasn’t exactly the most responsible older sister at all considering she was quite childish. The brunette tried her hardest though, and in her opinion she’s doing a pretty good job. She helped him as much as she could, always making sure he was okay and that nothing was wrong. He kept running into trouble though with the hunters, which meant she had to keep trying to make him more stable.

    Though, she’s glad he’s finally found a body he seems to like. As for her, she loves this body – it’s literally perfect for her. So, she uses every part of it to her advantage. It’s in immaculate condition, and she keeps it that way. Looks are the best way to allure victims, she may be childish but she figured that out from a very young age. It makes it even more fun to torture them, make the squirm and struggle. You see, if she wants to kill you she’s the definition of a bitch once she has you where she wants you. Though, she’s naturally flirtatious too – it’s not just an act, it’s something that her body had before she took over and it’s rubbed off on her quite nicely. Everyone just seems to be attracted to her in some way, she figures it’s because she’s quite mysterious in what she does and of course, she looks amazing too. Ever heard the phrase ‘If looks could kill’? Yeah, well it turns out they can.

  • Character application sample: (copied from another rp)
    Quinn’s heart was racing, she knew what she was doing was wrong but why should she stop? This was supposed to be her night and they’d all ruined it, why should she be nice to them? That crown was hers without a doubt and she would get it, not matter what she had to do. This night was meant to end with smiles and adoring looks coming from all directions, instead she’d have to be the one in the background. The loser and Quinn certainly wasn’t having that. She needed that crown like she needed to breath; her perfect night had been ruined.

    It was suppose to play out like a fairytale, the blonde as Cinderella and Finn as her Prince Charming. She was suppose to get up on that stage, be crowned queen and have a romantic dance with Finn before she began socializing with everybody again and being shot to the top of the social ladder in an instant. She wanted the power, the popularity and it turned out all she would get was well, nothing. It only occurred to her then the real reason why she’d lost, the real reason why nobody had voted for her. Rachel. Rachel had been the cause of her downfall, that stupid brunette was always getting in the way and taking away everything that should’ve been hers. The whole school knew that Finn didn’t really love Quinn that he’d rather be with Rachel then with the blonde bombshell.

    In that moment the blonde hated Rachel so much she could hardly think straight, though her thoughts were broken when she heard movement. Quinn automatically reached for the door handle, slamming the door behind whoever it was. She could hardly see herself when it was so dark, but she didn’t care. She wanted revenge, simple as. She deserved that crown and they’d all taken it away from her, so whoever it was deserved it. That’s when a voice broke the silence and it made an evil smirk appear on the blondes face. This was so much better then she’d first thought when she’d closed that door, it was the one person she’d been longing to see ever since a few moments ago.

    Rachel Berry. She was always in the wrong place at the wrong time and in this case, it was the very wrong place, at the very wrong time. Quinn stood there for a moment, completely still. Rachel deserved whatever the blonde would decide to do to her. After all, she’d taken away that crown and it wasn’t like Quinn didn’t understand why she had done it. She’d always been jealous of what Finn and the blonde had, she knew that Rachel had always wanted to ruin it. She always got to do whatever she liked and was never affected by consequences, but tonight would be different. Quinn was going to make sure she felt the consequence of stopping her from being Prom Queen, she deserved it or at least that was what Quinn thought and at this moment she was the one with all the power.

    Quinn managed only just to see Rachel slightly in the dark, but she also managed to locate her with the direction of the brunette’s calls as she banged on the door. The blonde took a step toward her, shaking ever so slightly with anger. “Rachel, nobody will hear you.” Quinn said, still smirking slightly. Her voice sounding much more menacing from the echo’s that the empty hall created. “They’ll be too busy worrying about themselves to bother with you.” She continued, taking another step toward the girl. The blonde had no idea what she was going to do at the time, but you could bet that it wasn’t going to be pretty. After all, Quinn had been at the top once and anybody who had ever tasted what that felt like knew that the one thing that was important was revenge. So, she was kind of an expert on it now. It would take some time to plan it out in her head, but it’d be worth it in the end.

    Quinn only wanted to be Prom Queen and Rachel had gotten in the way of that, which meant that she would have to be put back in her place. She had to realize that she couldn’t stop the blonde when she set her mind to something, because she was popular and Rachel wasn’t. Rachel was at the very bottom of the food chain, she needed to be shown were she belonged and it was about time someone did just that. So, Quinn would be more than happy to guide the girl back down, even if she did have to use force. It didn’t really matter, the whole school had put up with Rachel’s nonsense and she was pretty sure she wasn’t the only one who hated her right now. The brunette had been nothing but trouble ever since she entered Q’s life, so it was time she showed her just how harsh and cruel popular kids could be.
  • Species password: tunnel

Credits for this application sample goes to Hayley. Do not steal and make it your own because she controls these people and they'll eat you!

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MALUM, Caria Adrienna
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